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    The beauty of Sapa has poetic summer, pristine forests, typical weather in the Fansipan mountain. All of them promise an exploring tour. Sapa’s landscape combines to creation of human, terrain of hills and mountains, which make Sapa like a colorful and attractive picture.Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus tour from Aroka Travel has brought thousand of tourists to the place called “Where Heaven meets Earth”. This tour to Sapa is specially designed for those who love the nature of highland in Northwest of Vietnam and enjoy the feeling of staying in hill tribe house, and moreover the healthy foods which contributes the energy source for them overcoming the cold days in mountainous area.
    Highlight for Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus tour:
    • [*]Visiting the most typical site in Sapa: Lao Chai, Ta Van village[*]Trekking down hill to see rice terraces lying along the Muong Hoa river[*]Paying direct look to hill tribe accomodation, travellers have chance to get to know the daily life of local people[*]Visiting Cat Cat, the most pretty village decorated by many embroidery clothes and hand-made products[*]Admiring traditional dancing performed by H’Mong and Red Dzao artists
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